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Affordable New Laser Treatment for Herpes Labialis (cold sores) and Aphthous Ulcers (canker sores)!!!

Drs. Mike and Jim Jostock are dentists in Sterling Heights, MI, who strive to deliver state of the art procedures and technologies to their patients. As the doctors continue to promote health and wellness, recently they have introduced a new soft tissue diode laser to their practice. One of the most amazing features of the laser is its unique ability to quickly heal damaged tissues.


Dr. Jim mentions, “Our new laser has many new advantages over old technologies, including little to no post operative discomfort as well as painless procedures. Also, the fact that this laser kills 96% of bacteria in its path makes it ideal for healing tissues. We are using the laser to help heal tissues in patients who suffer from gingivitis and periodontal disease. However, after listening to our patients, I think the biggest impact is the laserʼs ability to instantly heal cold sores and canker sores. Only seconds with the laser and the pain is gone!!!”

Herpes Labialis (cold sores) is a very common condition caused by a Herpes virus. It affects most of the population and can be extremely painful during an outbreak. It sits latent in our nervous system waiting for a chance to present itself. There are many triggers, but the most common is a sunburn on your lips. You should wear lip protection at least SPF 15 when you will be in the sun for prolonged periods. Cold sores are often extremely painful, unsightly, and last for several days. They are also very contagious in their early and ulcerated forms.

“We use our laser as a healing device for eliminating pain and shortening healing times associated with cold sores,” explains Dr Jim. “Removing them is a painless procedure that takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes. You will only feel a warming sensation on the skin during the procedure. The pain will be gone immediately and they disappear in 1-2 days after the laser procedure.” Similarly, the laser treats aphthous ulcers (canker sores) the same way. Pain is eliminated immediately after the laser treatment and healing of the ulcer follows quickly.

It is a very affordable procedure that can make a big difference when you need it. For more information, feel free to make an appointment by calling (586) 978-8233.

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