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lumineersJostock Dental is now offering Lumineers as a new cosmetic dental procedure. Lumineers are a specific brand of tooth veneers that are natural looking and less invasive than traditional veneers. For those that are not familiar with veneers, they are thin porcelain coverings that are cemented over the front sides of the teeth. They can brighten and reshape your entire smile.

Dr Jim says that “Lumineers advertises no shots or grinding down healthy tooth structure. As this may be true for some people, most of us will require a minimal amount of tooth shaping. Lumineers, however, is much less invasive than traditional veneers. Rarely is anesthetic required, but it is needed in select cases.” During your consultation, Dr. Jim will evaluate your teeth to see whether or not you are a good candidate for Lumineers, and if so, he will explain the procedure for your particular smile. If you are ready for your new Lumineers, a picture of your smile will be sent to a dental lab and it will be enhanced to show you what your Lumineers smile will look like prior to starting. This way you can visualize your new smile and approve it before you even start the process. Lumineers has as 20 year track record with their product and their veneers are proven to be successful long-term.

Dr Jim recommends three visits for your Lumineers smile. At the first visit, you will have an opportunity to share your cosmetic concerns and talk about your new smile. Dr. Jim will evaluate your dentition and take the appropriate radiographs and photos. At this appointment the treatment plan and costs will be discussed. At the second visit, you will see your enhanced photo to approve your Lumineers smile. If you approve your smile design, your teeth will be minimally prepared for the Lumineers. An impression will be taken and you will choose the final shade of your Lumineers. At the third visit, your custom Lumineers will be checked for fit and shade. Then they are permanently placed and bonded.

For more information on Lumineers please visit To schedule an appointment today for a consultation, please call Jostock Dental at (586) 978-8233. Dr Jim says, “We are a father and son dental team, and my dad and I have over 50 years of combined experience enhancing our patients’ smiles. We look forward to meeting you soon and showing you what Lumineers can do for you.”


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