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Types of restorations for dental implants

There are numerous types of restorations for dental implants; however, I will only review the main types of implant restorations.

The first type is a fixed restoration, much like your natural teeth. Porcelain crowns can be attached to implants to replace one or more teeth or bridges can be fabricated to replace multiple missing teeth. You can even entertain an option of fixing an entire upper or lower arch of teeth to implants if you do not have any remaining teeth. These restorations are cemented or screwed into place and you will never be able to remove them. They are like having natural teeth and our patients have told us that they often prefer chewing on the implant crowns because they feel stronger.


The other major type of implant restorations are “snap on” teeth. These restorations are reserved for those who want to snap down their partial or full dentures. Special attachments are placed on the top of the implant and the other counterpart is cured to the denture allowing the denture to be snapped into place. This greatly improves a person’s function and appearance as the dentures are kept stable at all times. This is most often the case for lower dentures as they “float” on the ridge without something like implants to hold them in position.


If you have any question regarding dental implants, please feel free to call our office. Live patient testimonials are available as those patients are excited to share their success and experiences with others. Feel free to call and schedule an office visit to see how you can benefit from dental implants.

Following cases designed by Dr. Jim Jostock

The following cases show implants that have been restored in our office. We also surgically placed the implants below in all but one case. You will see anterior teeth replaced by dental implants. Please note the highly cosmetic outcomes.


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