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The most important element in designing a new smile for you is proper planning. Whether it is implants, crowns, veneers, braces or another cosmetic procedure, thoroughly planning your smile and visualizing the outcome prior to starting is paramount in achieving a beautiful outcome.

Smile Design by Dr. Jim Jostock

The first step in planning a cosmetic makeover is excellent communication with you. We must discuss your current smile and determine what changes need to be made for your new smile. Our part in this initial process it to understand your situation along with your expectations and offer you suggestions, possibilities, and options for a new, more desirable smile. At this time we will also discuss limitations if they are present in your particular case so that we are both very clear on what to expect in the final outcome. Remember that we are here for you, and we want to make certain that your expectations are exceeded.

Before your thorough examination, I always start off by asking a few questions about your current smile. How do you feel about the color of your teeth? How about the shape or size of your teeth? Are your teeth crowded, too pointy, or too long? Do you wear false teeth, and if so, do they look natural? If you wear false teeth, do they fit well or do they slip when you eat or speak? These are all questions that are important to ask yourself if you are not happy with your smile. After listening to you and discussing a few possibilities, we will perform a thorough examination. This may include x-rays, models, photos, etc. depending on your particular situation to aid us in planning for your new smile. In some cases, we may schedule multiple visits to further discuss your case and show you the possibilities in wax prior to starting. There are multiple types of procedures that are available to you.

Maybe you will be happy with simply bleaching your teeth. There are many types of cosmetic restorations to change the shape, color, and size of your teeth. We can even straighten your smile and change the comfort of your bite with cosmetic restorations. You may have a combination of options such as straightening your teeth with braces and then bleaching them to lighten the color. If you are missing teeth, dental implants are often times the best treatment of choice whether it is a single tooth that your are replacing or you are in need of securing your false teeth. As your dentist, I am excited to show you all of the possibilities to help achieve what you are looking for in your smile. Our wish is for you to be confident when you smile.

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile!

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